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Architecture Cityscapes Color Dallas Photography

Dallas Skyline at Sunrise

June 4, 2015

Dallas Skyline at Sunrise – Gleaming like a sparkling gem, the early morning sun envelops the Dallas skyline in incandescent warmth with colors of aureolin, saffron, lavender, wisteria, and marigold. In the foreground, a flooded Trinity River winds past the city, revealing a rarely photographed moment of the beautiful Dallas skyline. (Photo/Stephen A. Masker)…

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Architecture Cityscapes Color Dallas Photography

Dallas Skyline at Dusk with Reflection

June 1, 2015

Illuminated by a blend of ambient and artificial light, sunset shimmers off the Dallas skyline as the city is reflected back in the flooded Trinity River. As the sun dips below the horizon, Bank of America Plaza (centered) glows iconic neon green, while lights on the iconic Reunion Tower (center left) flash red and blue, bringing the city to life as the night quickly approaches. (Photo/Stephen A. Masker).…

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Black and White Photography

Airport Traffic – DFW

August 24, 2012

About this image: The idea was to head out with photographer and friend Scott Young to the Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport near the public observation area, Founder’s Plaza (, and photograph long exposure light trails from the planes taking off and landing. But once we arrived (around 8 PM) it was obvious that we were at the wrong angle for achieving what we wanted to accomplish. With sunset around 8:15, we got back into the car and tried to quickly…

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The most influential article I have ever read in my life…

July 28, 2011

Read the article , here. Look, the insidious thing about these forms of worship is not that they’re evil or sinful; it is that they are unconscious. They are default-settings. They’re the kind of worship you just gradually slip into, day after day, getting more and more selective about what you see and how you measure value without ever being fully aware that that’s what you’re doing. And the world will not discourage you from operating on your default-settings, because the world…

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