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Pegasus – Dallas, Texas

February 5, 2016

“Pegasus – Dallas, Texas” – Pegasus, the ‘Flying Red Horse’, was built atop the Renaissance Revival Magnolia Building (now known at the Magnolia Hotel), by Texlite for the Magnolia Oil Company in 1934. Standing majestically at 450 feet above ground level, the Dallas icon was visible 75 miles away on a clear night. Pilots reported catching sight of it 60 miles south of Hillsboro, and some claimed to see it from as far away as Waco. By 1974, the landmark had experienced structural and weathering issues, and in 1999 a crane and helicopter aided in the removal of the two original forty foot horses. For the city’s Y2K Millennium Celebration, the original horses were used as templates to create a brand new winged horses, with the new horses lit high above the Magnolia. The original 1934 winged horses were renovated by Omni Dallas developer Matthews Southwest and set atop a 22 foot oil derrick. Illuminated and mounted, the original Pegasus (pictured) can be viewed in all its glory outside of the magnificent Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas.

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