An Open Letter to Verizon FiOS

June 1, 2012

My name is Stephen Masker and I live at _________, Flower Mound, Texas. I have called your 1-800-Verizon service number four times within the past two weeks from today’s date, Friday, June 1, 2012 – the latest call occurring only a few days prior. My complaint is in regards to the Verizon FiOS internet upload speed, which fluctuates randomly upon testing at (, averaging around 4.2 Mbps during the day, and now – at 5:14am Central – reads 15.6 Mbps. You’ve sent a new router, we’ve reset the router, I’ve ‘optimized’ my Mac, connected the Mac to the router both by eathernet and wirelessly, and still the problem persists. Earlier this evening, around 11:00 PM, I could not even send out an email with a PDF attachment of 16.8 MB because it was taking so long for the file to upload that my GMail would continuously crash. Having called and spoken with your tech support, I was informed that we pay for 30/30, and also made note that you only guarantee 80% of that speed when connected to the router. But please know that this issue has been occurring not just on my laptop, but also my brothers (Mac laptop), mother’s (Windows laptop), and father’s (Windows desktop), all of which reflect similar slow/sluggish speeds. After my last call with your tech support – who told me it was my computer that was the issue – I’d had enough. I’m a news photographer, and use this laptop every day, and have used it here on your FiOS service for a long time; ever since we’ve been customers of FiOS, and everything has run smoothly. But up until approximately two weeks ago, things were running just fine. And just to say this one more time: About two weeks back was the same point in time when road construction began outside of our home, and I’ve mentioned this on every tech call I’ve made.

So your guarantee is your guarantee and your policy is your policy regarding speeds and percentages, but at this point your internet is useless to me for purposes of work. I rely on the upload speed and up until this point it has been reliable. But when I can go down the street to Starbucks and get faster speeds, for free, it doesn’t make any sense to keep your service. I want someone out here to fix this issue, and I’m tired of being polite and friendly. This is beyond frustrating to me and I want it resolved permanently by Friday June 8th or I will cancel all of my Verizon services. You can contact me by phone at: 972 754 2762, or by email at _________ if there’s any additional information you need from me.

Thank you,
Stephen Masker

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